Goals: Why You Should Create A Vision Board

The new year has arrived and the resolutions are rolling in. We've all done it, made a resolution to lose those extra pounds, to learn something new, go on that trip you've always wanted to take, to start reading more or to rid yourself of a bad habit. Every year you say this and every [...]

Feeling Myself: How I Tapped Into My Self Confidence

I stepped out of the shower, wrapped a towel around myself, hair wet, curly, frizzy and a bit bushy. As  I stood there  in my authentic form, I stared at myself in the mirror, not in a conceited way but just observing the woman who was staring back at me. Every scar, curl, kink, curve, dip, [...]

Self Rediscovery

For a few days and nights (yes, it’s been keeping me up) I’ve been self reflecting. For a while now, I have been feeling like I was stuck. No matter what I did, no matter how hard I worked towards my goals, no matter how much I applied myself, or how much work I put [...]

Social Media Validation

I don't need social media to validate sh- -, it's that simple. I've noticed more and more online that people are thirsty for attention from people they don't know. It's disheartening to log onto Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and see woman posting pictures of their half-naked bodies and exploiting their morals just for follows, likes [...]

Dream Big

Throughout the course of several months I applied to so many jobs and internships I lost count. Discouraged would be an understatement for what I was feeling. I began to feel defeated because I had not received one call back or been on one interview since, I graduated in November. I began second guessing myself wondering [...]

Post-Graduation Blues

Over the past two months instead of feeling ecstatic about my latest achievement, I've been in quite a slumber. Last year, when I received my bachelors degree, I was glowing. This year, when I received my second degree I was proud of my accomplishment but that feeling quickly faded. The feeling of depression crept up [...]