Admirer, creator, influencer, Tearra R is a writer and an author. A graduate of Full Sail University she earned a Bachelor’s in Music Business and a Masters in New Media Journalism. Tearra has always naturally been a writer. In 2012 she created and launched her own entertainment blog, WrecklessArt. She then began an internship with an entertainment blog, Mash Ave and shortly after with iHeart Media Inc in New York.

From there Tearra R went on to join the xoTribe in late 2015 and became a brand ambassador for xoNecole. Tearra has experienced many lessons throughout her journey that she intends to share with the world through her writings. In her spare time, you can keep up with her through social media platforms sharing bits of inspiration and giving you insight into her journey. Her debut book, Birth Of My Being: Soul Journey is now available via Amazon.