The Art of Letting Go

Over the past couple of years, I’ve come to the realization of growing apart from people is a natural part of life. I don’t need to cling on to them. I don’t have to chase after another person. I don’t have to feel bad about my evolution. Nowhere is it written that I am required to stay the same person daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. In a previous post, I shared my thoughts on transformation but not on learning to let go and accepting change when it happens.

As I tip toe into my late 20’s (yikes!) I’ve done some reevaluating in my life. I look around and acknowledge that I’ve outgrown people, left behind many of my ways and it’s okay. I’ve matured and I am a constantly evolving being. The truth is quite simple, I’ve changed and there is nothing wrong with that when it’s for the betterment of yourself. You can’t navigate your journey or receive your blessings with interference. You only end up blocking your elevation by putting all your energy into the branches instead of tending to your roots.

If you’ve ever observed the branches on a tree you’ll notice that the first branch starts out thick and as the tree matures and ages those same branches continuously branch off. As they branch off each branch becomes thinner and thinner until they become brittle, fickle twigs that eventually break off. Over the course of time those branches will blossom multicolored leaves and beautiful flowers, which are wonderful gifts but with each season they will always shrivel up, dry out and fall by the wayside.

Life is a cycle. It doesn’t have to mean the people you’ve outgrown are bad people or things you use to do were negative; your compatibility has just shifted. Some of the people you grow apart from today may come back around later on in life or not at all and that’s fine. No one forewarns you of the amount of mourning you will endure as you progress in life and you have to find a way to be at peace with that. I’m learning how to accept the seasons of relationships in life. Breaking the cycle of selfishness for the renewal of selflessness. Though it is not something that comes to me easy, I do have an understanding of when someone has served their purpose and their season has transitioned beyond where we can progress on one another’s journey.