Goals: Why You Should Create A Vision Board

The new year has arrived and the resolutions are rolling in. We’ve all done it, made a resolution to lose those extra pounds, to learn something new, go on that trip you’ve always wanted to take, to start reading more or to rid yourself of a bad habit. Every year you say this and every year you tell yourself this year you’re going to fulfill your resolution, yet you’ve made the same resolution three years in a row. Truth be told you don’t need to wait for the new year to create the vision you desire for the life you want to live. Dreams without goals remain dreams until you write them down, turn them into goals and make them attainable.

It all starts with you. You have a dream claim it! Manifest your dreams and desires to create the life you want. Simply write it down or make a vision board and watch how your vision will transform, of course, you still have to nurture those goals with discipline and consistency to accomplish them, but as you do you will begin to witness those very things come to fruition.


4 Reasons To Craft A Vision For Your Life:

1. Manifest your dreams- Speak your dreams into existence. You have to claim the things you want. It’s like the law of attraction. What you put out is what you’ll get in return.

2. Goals- We all dream about the things we want out of life. Many dream, while others make goals (vision boards) take action, and go out into the world to get them. Be realistic about your goals. If it’s a long-term goal take the necessary steps toward reaching that goal by starting off with short-term goals to make it reachable. That way you won’t feel disappointed because you didn’t reach that particular goal that you knew would take more time than you initially allowed.

3. Seeing is believing- Create the life you want. You’ve envisioned it in your mind a million times over the years, so what’s holding you back? Take action! Pull out those magazines, lay down that board and get to snipping away at words, quotes, letters (to create words), along with pictures and gluing them down to your board.


4. Blessing Jar- *A bonus tip* Get a blessing jar. You can fancy this up along with your vision board as well. A blessing jar is where you celebrate positivity. Write your accomplishments on a little piece of paper or on colorful popsicle sticks (your choice) and place them in your jar. At the end of the year, you can dump them out and look back on all the goals you reached and be proud of yourself for taking the necessary steps to bettering your life. You worked hard to reach those goals so enjoy each milestone. It’s a little reminder for yourself, smile about it.

It’s super easy and inexpensive. You don’t have to do it alone either, recruit a few of your friends,
grab a bottle of wine, a few snacks, and host a vision board party. You can purchase a posterboard from your local craft store or use a push pin board, buy some glue, pull out the scissors, open up those old magazines that have been piling up all year and get to it. If you want to get fancy you can purchase a few trinkets for your board, but it’s not a must. You can also create a theme for your vision board. Having trouble, don’t know where or how to get started? Pinterest is always a really cool place to browse for a little inspiration. It’s a sure thing to help get the creative juices flowing.

Happy new year and remember have fun with it and be creative!

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