Social Media Validation

I don’t need social media to validate sh- -, it’s that simple. I’ve noticed more and more online that people are thirsty for attention from people they don’t know. It’s disheartening to log onto Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and see woman posting pictures of their half-naked bodies and exploiting their morals just for follows, likes and retweets. Guys fronting posting pictures of income tax money to try and impress woman and social crowds they can’t keep up with during every other season. Then you have the ‘internet thugs’ who attack others online through cyber bullying. I could go on non-stop about how the internet is being used as a substitution to fulfill a need for something missing within an entire generation.

When did society become full of attention whores? When did your value become based off of what some unknown individual rated you?  The sad thing is you’re creating this facade and forgetting that there are people who follow you online that actually know you in real life. Stop trying to get approval from people who don’t care about you. Downgrading your integrity for a moment of instant gratification will never pacify your true desire. You don’t need to seek out attention from others. The only person you need to validate anything for you is yourself.

Social media is not a university that you sign up for to receive accreditation to be you. This generation’s perception of reality is misconstrued. Many are so caught up in the search of what’s real they can’t tell the difference between reality and illusion. Nobody wants to be who they are anymore. People will do whatever they can to ‘fit in’ somewhere or be considered ‘cool’ just to gain recognition as someone who got a glimpse of the ‘in crowd,’ whatever and wherever that is.

The blue verification check on a Twitter account is more important than a degree or certification hanging on the wall of your home. I have logged on my Facebook many a days and logged right back off, it’s come to the point where I rarely use it anymore because every time I take a scroll down my timeline there’s a video of girls twerking, violent fight/abuse videos, thirsty booty pictures of woman who just want attention, relationship updates that last 20 mins and status updates that scream “all I want is attention from anyone who’s willing to provide it for me.” News flash, nobody cares!

Social media and the people who partake in its daily functions cannot validate your truth, beauty or journey. Detach yourself from those who are toxic. Don’t allow other people’s words or opinions be the reigns that restrain you from being free. Only you have the power and control over your life. When you know your worth and you’re secure in who you are, you won’t seek out the value of your worth in others.