Dream Big

Throughout the course of several months I applied to so many jobs and internships I lost count. Discouraged would be an understatement for what I was feeling. I began to feel defeated because I had not received one call back or been on one interview since, I graduated in November. I began second guessing myself wondering if I was doing something wrong, had I made the right decision going back to school? was it worth it to pursue this career field? I had a million and one questions racing through my mind and no answers.

One day I got a call back for an online website, which was also my first interview for a intern job within my field of study. I decided to accept the offer because of what the site stood for, it was right up my ally. Even though I wasn’t getting paid or even receiving credits, It was an opportunity to help me gain more experience. Two months later, I received my second call back and first in-person interview for an indie rock record label. I didn’t get it and I was content with that because I knew that internship wasn’t for me.

Meanwhile, still writing for the online site I continued looking for more experience. I received an email a few weeks later asking me to come to an interview for an internship with a major media and entertainment company. Initially, I forgot that I had even applied for the position because I applied to so many places. Long story short they offered me the position right on the spot. When I say I almost jumped out of my skin with joy, I felt like I was having an out of body experience.

As I journey through this experience, I am proud of myself everyday when I step into that office. Besides the obvious reasons, let me explain why I’m so proud of myself. I got this internship all on my own, found it on my own, applied for it, prepared myself and snagged it with no help or connects. It was offered to me right on the spot. That was important to me. Don’t get me wrong there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting help from others but I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it on my own. That all my years of schooling and all the work I’ve been putting in was not in vain. It was the confirmation I needed to answer all the questions I had asked myself when I was feeling defeated. I felt the internships that were being sent to me were kind of telling me “you can’t aim to high, start out small, then you can aim for the big leagues.” Personally my standards for what I was searching for far exceeded what was being offered to me but I refused to become complacent or conform.

Over the past few weeks my dreams appear more attainable and they’re more clear than ever before. Everything I think comes into fruition. I think it, speak it, believe it, pray on it, work towards it and the opportunities present themselves right before me. It’s amazing and quite overwhelming at times. Though it’s the start, those little opportunities have been guiding me down a new exciting path and has helped me to dream even bigger than I did before. When my imagination starts running wild I often think to myself “the things I dream of now are going to surpass anything that I can even imagine right now.” There’s power behind optimistic thoughts that we all possess if we choose to acknowledge and release them.

Recently, I read J.Cole’s letter for the fifth year anniversary of his mixtape, The Warm Up. His letter really resonated with me and is what inspired me to write this. Just as he wrote I to am grateful for the progress that I’ve made thus far still I’m not satisfied and I want more. I know that I am destined for greatness and there’s so much more work to be done.

My mantra has become what’s for you is for you and the doors that God opens for you no man can shut. This has been teaching me patience and to trust God’s timing. I know that things won’t always go as planned but I will continue to follow where my passion leads.

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