Post-Graduation Blues

Over the past two months instead of feeling ecstatic about my latest achievement, I’ve been in quite a slumber. Last year, when I received my bachelors degree, I was glowing. This year, when I received my second degree I was proud of my accomplishment but that feeling quickly faded. The feeling of depression crept up on me like my own shadow. It came from out of nowhere it seems and everyday it’s a struggle trying to shake it off. During this time you would think a recent college graduate would be excited about future opportunities that are ahead instead of sulking in a dark room corner.

After extensive research, I came to the realization that post graduation depression is a real phase and not just because I’ve been experiencing it myself. I had never heard of post graduation depression before, though without knowing I had witnessed the signs in graduates I’ve known. I was trying to figure out what was going on with me so I researched the topic and read a few articles about post-graduation depression. You can find articles all over the internet about active college students suffering from depression and counseling offered to them but there are no available statistics offered for post-graduate depression. It’s a pretty common issue that isn’t acknowledged enough.

I think the transition that happens while preparing to graduate, graduating and then entering into the real world all contribute to the emotional toll it takes on graduates. College life is a different world and will probably hold some of the greatest memories for most college attendees. Going from living on your own or with roommates to possibly living back home with your parents can make you feel like a dependent again. Constantly applying for internships and jobs one after the other, with minimal to no results can be devastating. Through out my years in college my instructors cautioned the students that we would face some hardships as we began the pursuit of our careers, it was truly an out of sight out of mind experience at the time, of course I knew it wouldn’t be a quick breeze but when it becomes your experience, it’s a reality check.

I had all my plans for post-graduation figured out. I knew all the companies I wanted to apply for and what I wanted to do. Now I’m not naive, I know that things don’t always go the way you plan but I guess persistence takes the wheel toward your goals. It’s not a bad thing to strive for more. Recently, I came across a post while looking through my Instagram feed that spoke about how we as people always want something now. We fail to realize sometimes it’s just not meant to be at the moment or not at all for reasons we may not understand at the time because God’s plans for us are bigger than what we envisioned for ourselves. Just like the expression goes, we make plans and God laughs. I realize that I am going to face rejection, I will fail at times but it’s how I deal with the situation that is either going to build up or break down my character. Right now my focus is more patience and trusting the timing of my life.